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FAQ Elective Posting

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PERUBATAN Zagazig Chapter 2013/14


1. What is elective posting @ attachment?

It is a medical elective training in health institution all over the world. These students can work closely with the healthcare professionals in Malaysia and have an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills. The clinical experience is usually very rich and is different from what is obtained in a hospital in the western world.

On perspective: Medical training and learning about everything in the healthcare institutions. Everything from the basic history taking until the medical procedures with the doctors, nurses or even medical attendants.

2. Why should students apply for it?

It is currently an issue in Malaysia about Egypt Graduates. Are we competent? That’s the issue. Based on the previous batches since nineteen seventies, some healthcare professionals admitted that we have the strength in the medical theory but severe lack of clinical skills.

Some students are excellent and some students aren’t. Continuous assessments are being brought by MOH to monitor the progress of the Egypt graduates so that we will meet the world standard of medical practice.

Each university in Egypt produces at least 1500 medical doctors annually. The gigantic number of students in each year doesn’t permit the university to form a smaller group of students to apply bed-side teaching. Thus the clinical training somehow is inadequate for the students. That is why the university permits the students to make elective posting in order to compensate the weakness.

In Egypt, housemanship period (internship) is a period of learning and working. They even have lectures in the schedule. In contrary, Malaysia’s housemanship period is a period of working. No more formal learning. That is why housemen in Malaysia are continuously being penalized if she or he doesn’t meet the high standard of MOH.

 3. Is it compulsory?

NO, it isn’t. If you don’t want to be blame directly on your face due to lack of clinical skills, make it compulsory for yourself.

4. I am a first year medical student, can I apply?

Everyone can, but some hospitals prefer the clinical year students. Thus in that case try to apply for district hospitals, clinics, or try to attach with the seniors.

5. We did it last year, but we are just like unemployed workers, what should we do?

Put in your mind every worker in the hospital is busy. There would be no one who can focus on you all the time. This situation can always turn down the interest of the students. To rectify that weakness, we must always be proactive, the key words are : 

-Know their names, smile at them, approach them, observe, ask them, or even help them.

-Try to take history from the patients, talk with the patient and the health workers there.

-Read the patient’s files on the table to know what their disease are.  


If you are not proactive, you will find yourself in the middle of nowhere. That’s why only the proactive people survive. No one will spoon-feed you.

6. Who can apply and who cannot apply?

– Medical students from these health institutions http://mmc.gov.my/v1/docs/Jadual%20Kedua%2011-12-09.pdf
– Students from unrecognized institutions
– Person who is already graduated from the university.

7. Are JPA and MARA responsible for it?

Not at all, they are only responsible for the scholarships.

8. Which hospital can we apply?
You can apply for any hospital, clinics of Malaysian MOH. You can browse here http://www.moh.gov.my/gov_hospitals  and search if the hospitals provide the guides and any information about elective posting such as Hospital Kuala Lumpur and Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Sarawak
It is NOT RECOMMENDED  to make any elective posting in private hospitals because you can’t even touch the patient. Basically learn nothing.

9. What are the procedures?

a) By email (very fast)

1.Find the health institution you are interested to make the elective posting. Browse the procedure of elective posting if available. Big hospitals should have it. Find any email of the admin and note the address.

2. Obtain the support letter from the university. Support letter is the letterfrom the Dean of Faculty and Head of Coordinator certifying that you are a medical student from your university. Application can be made by contacting the person in-charge:

Ikhwah :FaridIskandar – 01156679455

Akhawat :NurIzzati – 01141224236

3. Follow the procedureof elective postingfor the hospital that you want to apply.

b) By post:

Send all the support letter form the University by post. It takes time to arrive of course. 

c) By hand (most reliable method):

You can directly go to the administration of the hospital and send these documents directly.

Please bear in mind, if you are using this method, the application form will be provided by the hospital, and so you can fill the application form there and submit it directly to person in-charge.

10. Which department is suggested?

– For preclinical students, suggested department for you to attach at :

Forensic Department

Medical Department

Accident and Emergency Department (A&E or ED) because you will learn basic emergency skills and first aid management.

You can also simply attach to other departments as well.

– For clinical students, attach to any department that you wish, but strongly suggested:

Pediatric Department

Accident and Emergency Department (A&E or ED) because you will learn so many valuable things as long as you can be emotionless all the time in order to manage the patients.

ENT Department

Other specialized department as well

11. Is everyone accepted? How do we know?

Not everyone. It depends on the vacancies. If there are too many students doing elective posting in the same department at the same time, they will put you into another available department. If all the departments are occupied, they will turn down your request. There are so many medical students from other countries doing the same elective posting as well.

The result of application will be informed after 1 week usually by mail, email, or telephone. Make sure you have the management office telephone number so that you can follow up your request. 

It is recommended for you to go during Ramadhan. The hospital is completely empty of students and you can do almost everything!

12. Do we need malpractice insurance?

You don’t need to unless you are applying elective posting in other countries such as UK or Canada.

13. How much does it cost?

It should be free. If you are applying hospital universities in which you request to be involved with the students, they will provide the facilities and thus you have to pay the fees. Ask the university directly.

14. What is the syllabus?

If you don’t have Attachment Logbook (you can get the logbook on Economic Bureau, PCZ), you can download the syllabus provided by one of our super senior. Print and check whether you have completed all this clinical skills or not. If the management officer or the doctors ask what you want to learn, provide this document or you can show the logbook. It really helps!

15. How long is the posting?

Minimum 3 weeks and maximum 6 weeks.
It starts from 9 am until 5 pm formally. Most of the students leave the hospital by noon. If you are proactive enough and would like to benefit most, come early at 8 am and stay until night in the hospital. Grand ward round which involves the consultant usually takes place on Friday (may vary). Don’t miss it!!

16. Is there any assessment?

No formal assessment. You will be asked by the doctors and specialists to measure your knowledge gap. No stress, medical students are forgiven!!

17. What should we prepare before doing an elective posting?

Please revise some of the clinical skills, common disease, medical terms, abbreviation and short form before posting. Some of the common disease in Malaysia include :

Infectious disease : Hepatitis A, Hepatitis E, Typhoid fever, Malaria, Dengue fever, Yellow fever, Japanese Encephalitis, African Trypanosomiasis, Cutaneous Leishmaniasis, Plague, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, Rift Valley fever, Chikungunya, Leptospirosis, Schistosomiasis, Meningococcal meningitis, Lassa fever, Rabies, etc.

Local and systemic disease : Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Failure, Angina, Atherosclerosis, Fibroids, Breast Cancer, Cyst, Tumor, TB, Acute Glomerulonephritis, Thalassemia, Tonsillitis, Appendicitis, Pneumonia, Hydrothorax, Pneumothorax, Renal Failure, Diarrhea, Nephritis, GIT disease, etc.

18. Is there any agent who can manage the students systematically?

There is no such an agent because MOH forbid the agent to do so. If you hear about them, just ignore, those are liars.

19. Do I have to come in group or individually?

Up to you. If your friends cannot make it, so make it individually. Be a survivor!! Don’t wait for anyone, and do not delay success!!

20. What should we wear during the elective posting?

Wear your lab coat. It’s compulsory!

– For boys : Wear formal shirt with tie, leather shoes. NO casual shirt please. Short hair and be smart.

– For girls : Wear formal outfit and covered shoes.

Jeans aren’t suitable and not recommended.

21. What should we bring during the elective posting?

Stethoscope (not compulsory)

Note book& pen

Reference books such as Macleod clinical examination, it depends on your department i.e. bring surgery book to surgical department.

22. Is there any allowance for us?
No, use your pocket money.

Credits to :

MohdFaizal Bin NorAzmi
House Officer,
Hospital Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Temerloh, Pahang.
Ex-student Cairo University, Egypt.

Prepared by :

Registration And Information Units,
Department of Secretary,
PERUBATAN Zagazig Chapter 2013/2014

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