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A Friend Who Cried

danbo tears (2)

I once had a friend… who cried on his bed.
During a dark cold night… his tears were shed.
I asked my dear friend… was it me who made you so sad?
It wasn’t you o friend… said the man on the bed.

It’s just my heart… and it’s filled with regret.
Hearing such a claim… questions filled my head.
You’re such a good man… what could you possibly regret?
Wiping the tears off his cheeks… my dear friends, this is what he said.

I longed for a chance… for a certain dream.
Not a night pass by… without me remembering him.
I yearned for a moment… to be with my beloved.
Even a second would be enough… just to smile alongside my prophet

But then I remembered I’m a failure… an embarrassment with no achievements.
Nothing I did in my live would honor him… would match any of his traditions
Ummati said this man… before he breathed his last breath
And here I stand without a proof to say… I am you ummah and I am the best

I moan deep inside… for the sins I have made.
For every sorrow every woe… every lie I create.
How can I meet my beloved… with these sins as my mark?
How can such light such beauty… be with a heart all so dark?

Knowing who I am… I prayed to The All Mighty.
If I am too dark for him… at least let this feeling stay with me.
If all the sins I had done… embarrassed my prophet.
Then at least in a distance… allow me to stay in love with my beloved.

Realizing what I prayed for… it suddenly struck me.
Saying such a prayer is like saying… O my dearest prophet, do not come to me.
How can a blind lost guest… runs away from his host?
How can a sad weeping heart… runs from a man he misses the most?

I wanted to meet him so badly… but I know I don’t stand a chance.
This stabbing pain in my chest… you can never understand.
Thus the reason for my tears… I am more than just sad
My heart’s moaning so hard it aches… said the man on the bed.

Tears were in our eyes… as silence filled the moment.
Because deep inside you know… you’re just another embarrassment.
All I can give my dear friends… is this tale that I long had.
A tale of a friend… who cried on his bed.


Haziq Aiman

Kelab Bahasa,
Unit Sukan dan Aktiviti Luar PCZ 2012/13.


  1. mohd firdaus mohamed

    SUPERB!!! i need to share this…oh my dear friend who cried on his bed

  2. nabillah bt saidi

    wanna share this with my friends n also i felt something deep inside my heart after reading it..thanks for writing “a friend who cried”

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