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[Fiesta PCZ] Viva La Palestina

Fiesta PCZ 2011

Viva La Palestina

Date : 10 Disember 2011

Open For All

EGP 99/pax (limited to 350 pax)

All include :

  • Red Carpet / Lucky Draw / Shows / Served Dinner / Goodies …

Register now!!

  • Dr Basheer Husni [01141195744]
  • Dr Nik Mahabbah Nik Din [01111505357]
  • or register in the form at the bottom..



  1. as assured, some of the fee will go for program management.
    but may i know how much the percentage will be contributed to PCZ and what is the % for Palestinian?

    Syukran in advance. =)

  2. thank you for your concern mr azman.
    to be frank, le99 per head is required for registration, 60% of them is for food charge. 25 % of them will go to donation of Palestine. while the remaining 15% is for asset of PCZ for coming session.

    That’s all thank you.

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