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re-Start 5Gs’ Campaign


What is 5G??

Aristotle said,

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

Nowadays, we always talk about excellence. Excellence in everything and in any field we could do. This topic is always on media like magazines, television that discussed by ministries or common people. It is just like chocolate on people’s tongue. Our new session of studying in university is just around the corner. Many of us as a student is very excited to begin a new life in a new session, new subjects, and new professors and for the fourth year medical students, they are much inspirited to have experience in clinical session. All are new to them. However, have we thought what we need to prepare for all I stated here?  Then, continue reading because I want to explain you about 5Gs. It is not the new product of modern iPhone or Samsung Galaxy mobile but it is very interesting to discuss about.

1)      Great Mind and Body

Begin our day with fresh mind and positive thinking. These virtual habits will reflect a good mood and good behaviour and deportment. People with negative mind are arduous to step forward in their work and get to trap easily in passive situations. We must always have high interest especially when we are in science field, which are rich in fact to be remembered.  Exercise regularly,eat healty food and take care of your body. One of American motivational speaker and writer, Denis E. Waitley, said,

“Our limitations and success will be based, most often, on our own expectations for ourselves. What the mind dwells upon, the body acts upon.”

2)      Great Soul

When we talk about soul, we must relate it with our religion. A virtuous soul will reflect a good actions and behaviour. As we are muslim medical students, we must always continuosly pray,doa’ and make supplication towards Allah, not just only when exam is around the corner! Do not separate between study and our responsibility towards Allah. Muslim’s are strong because Islam and this is what makes us special and different from non-Muslim medical students. We make decision according brain’s logic and also Quran and Sunnah. May Allah bless us in what we do. Never do vice and act against our religion. When Imam Shafi’ie complained to his teacher Waki, of his difficulty in retaining knowledge, he was given profound advice that would become famous lines continuously echoed centuries later:

“Abandon sin.  For knowledge is a light and the light of God is not granted to the disobedient.”

In a conclusion, have a good relationship with Allah and maintain a strong connection with Him through acts of worship.  Indeed, the time spent in worship is not time lost from one’s studies.  It is in fact, both a source of energy and tranquility, as well as a form of discipline for the soul that invigorates one’s motivation to remain persistent with the long hours of study necessary to succeed.  Through prayer and extra worship, students find a source of solace and rejuvenation of the spirit that facilitate their ability to learn and study


3)      Great attitude

After we are in motivated mood, change our attitude first. If you think you are having negative attitude, then you know that you have to change it first. Attitude comes first after all. Re-check your own attitude towards your parents, friends and also with lecturers. Most crucial is our attitude and action should be based on our mentality as a muslim medical student. Well, for a simple example is by respecting our own professor, come to class early, perform pray punctually, have a good connection between friends and create your own rules or motto to be obeyed. In simple words, every actions or steps yo move, you know that it is right in Islamic way. As for the study,also create our surrounding with a positive aura. Keep the house clean, tidy, and ritually pure.  Since, ritually pure and clean settings facilitate one’s ability to learn and retain information. Do a simple self-refresh. Recognize your potential, as example here; recognize whether you are good at focus in lecture or good at discussing with friends or anything else. Go circumspect the past mistakes like study at the last minutes and rushing in understanding some subjects and find solutions to avoid it. Everyone has his or her potential. What we will do is strengthen our potential to keep moving toward excellence. Good planning make a good time. Go thoroughly on self-prepare; make preview and review before start the class, renew your aim and goals, ask professors if not understand  in any little point, and discover the way to master in every subject. Some said that,

“You must study as you are a future doctor, not as a medical student

4)      Great senses

Constantly be alert what is going on in university. The date when classes start, your new subjects for this year and also your schedule! If you think you already prepared enough, let me ask what scope you will learn for your new subject? What is Pathology or Anatomy? Well, each excellent student must do some research on each subject before start any class in order for them to set a smart strategy. Go and grab your opputurnity of having seniors, ask them! Simply ask them how usually the examination being conducted,tricky way to get carry marks in a simple test, what the professor will ask you in the lecture and how to study,remember easily in every subjects. It all related on how eager you are to prepare and manage your studies and time.

5)      Great achievement

Finally yet importantly, start a fresh new year of medical course by setting new aims and goals. I encourage you all to jot down what you are looking for in your new session and what you want yourself to accomplish. For example,last session you get jayyid so then for this year aim for the higest,mumtaz! Well,it is true that excellence is not easy to get. But firstly you must set aims and unconsciously your body will works towards it. Most important is believe in yourself. A scientist inventor who creates the first practical light bulb, Thomas Edison said,

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”

In a nutshell,to be an excellent students lets start to plant and bury  this 5G in mind. But most importantl is to practise it! Thats a simple 5 rules on how to become a great and excellent doctor in future soon. Our Academic Affairs of Academic Unit PCZ 2011 wishing best of luck to all of students. May this new session brings a tremendous excellent result to all of us.

Thank you.

by : Academic Unit PCZ

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