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Report Of Meeting With Malaysian Coordinator

ZAGAZIG – September 19, 2011: Committee members of Zagazig Chapter, Association of Malaysian Medical Students in Egypt (PERUBATAN) and the Coordinators of Malaysian Students had a meeting in Malaysian Students’ Room at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagazig.

There are eight coordinators, lead by Dr. Tarek (Professor of Ophthalmology). Zagazig Chapter of PERUBATAN (PCZ) was represented by Mohd Bukhari Muslim Mohd Nadzim (Chairman), Abd Hakim Mohd Suhimin (Deputy Chairman I), Farhuda Zulaikha Dol @ Abd Wahid (Deputy Chairman II), Assistant secretary, Academic unit committee and Welfare unit committee. The meeting was held to discuss on Malaysian Medical Program and also to bring forward some ideas and recommendation from our association in order to enhance our studies in this faculty.

The first issue to be discussed was elimination of the fee for Psychology for those who have to carry the subject to the next semester. Dr Tarek said that the issue will be presented to the higher committee as the faculty has no authority regarding this matter. However he reminded the students to study Psychology and other subjects well in order to avoid carrying any subject to the next semester.

In conjunction with that, Naim Sarfaraz Ahmad, leader of Academic unit emphasized on providing the basic equipments especially in the lecture halls and classrooms for practical sessions (at the moment ,some classrooms are too small and not conducive).

Besides, Mohd Bukhari Muslim has requested an annual planner of each department (exact dates on exams, holidays and rounds) so that the students can plan their studies and perform well in the exams.

Every year, some Malaysian students face problems with their files. Mohd Bukhari Muslim requested for the university to take full responsibility in managing students’ files with Ministry of Education (instead of the students themselves).

For the clinical year students, Farhuda Zulaikha has proposed on providing the elective clinical practice in University Hospital of Zagazig to give chances for the students to be able to gain experiences for their clinical skills.

Besides, Arabic language class was asked to be set in a suitable time and will be arranged with fixed syllabus not only on Fushah Arabic but also include ‘Ammiyah Arabic teachings, focused on the medical field terms. Dr. Tarek was impressed and said that all these ideas will be discussed in more details. 

Furthermore, other issues have been expressed during the meeting were as follows:

  1. University website have to be updated regularly especially for English site.
  2. Head of department (HOD) will take care seriously on students attendance and will be strictly considered in the final year examination result.
  3. Short break (gap) in between the lectures has to be arranged, especially for praying.
  4. Preparation and distribution of lecture notes before starting the lessons by the lecturers.
  5. Lectures have to be arranged systematically to avoid clashes of time and classrooms.
  6. Decrease the number of students in each practical and clinical group in order to be more focused.
  7. Prolong ward visits for clinical year students.
  8. Request for lecturer to give more focus on common medical condition in Malaysia.
  9. Provide translations for medical terms (English) to Egyptian language and vice versa.
  10. Standardized the time of mid-year examination between departments.
  11. Cover all topics before final year examination.
  12. Provide enough microscopes, slides and bones for the convenience of the students.
  13. Elimination of LE10 for tasdiq.
  14. Free medical treatment in university hospital and cheaper medical treatment in private hospitals.
  15. Ensure the environment and facilities are clean and conducive.

Faculty of Medicine of Zagazig University nowadays has undergoes many improvements. All these voices of Malaysian students will be discussed later on between the coordinators and the management team of the university. Together with the Coordinators of Malaysian Students, Zagazig Chapter PERUBATAN committee members were very pleased with this meeting and really hope that this kind of discussion will continued from now onwards. We appreciate the determination of Dr. Tarek and his team for spending time throughout this meeting together with our association. Hopefully, the Faculty of Medicine and all the medical students continue to succeed and excel in this field.

Reported by:

Assistant Secretary,

PERUBATAN, Zagazig Branch 2011/12.

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