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Gender Confusion: Genetical or Hormonal?

Winner Of Article Writing Competition, Medicophilic Month 2012 [MeM ’12] [Article Writing Competition] #4 Gender Confusion: Genetical or Hormonal? “Read: In the name of thy Lord Who createth. Createth man from a clot. Read: And thy Lord is the Most Bounteous. Who teacheth by the pen. Teacheth man that which he knew not.” Surah ...

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Syamsudin Farouk mendapat juara dua tahun berturut-turut.

20 April 2012-ARMA,Kaherah : Medicophilic Month ’12 (MeM 12) anjuran Biro Akademik PERUBATAN dengan tema “Read for the Future, Lead the World” telah berlangsung di Dewan Malaysia Abasiyyah, Kaherah bermula seawal 8.30 pagi sehingga 5.30 petang. Satu-satunya wakil daripada Zagazig, saudara Syamsuddin bin Faruok, Tahun 4 perubatan dari Universiti Zagazig ...

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Leadership vs. Academic

The world needs to constantly educate younger generation to replace the older ones. When we talk about the current senior generations, we either see their intellectual abilities; such as scientists who create new medicines to depress cancer cells’ activities, or their ability to influence others merely by speech or actions; ...

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