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Ramadan- Figuring out the rhythm and a breath of fresh air

Ramadan- Figuring out the rhythm and a breath of fresh air



Whether or not we are prepared, another day will always knock on our door to invite us explore its journey post per dawn. It can be an isolating feeling that we have to figure out its rhythm to beat in our very own cozy song. Some may target for a perfection but to me honestly, trying to strive, is more than enough. I read about gratitude, on how it tailors contentment in moderation. I personally believe that we are never going to be able to reach any perfection because does perfection even have a bench mark?

Ramadan is a month of transition, to some souls that allow their heart to feel its beats and for the eyes to see its ray. To have been blessed and to acknowledge those values are already another grace showered by Him. By means of transition, surely beyond dietary; it’s upon our mind to truly decipher every lesson that we have gained throughout this month(or even before!) to get its meaning which of course, varies from an individual with another.

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I can’t think of anything more beautiful than a lesson for the heart to ponder even from the little things that happen around us, as lessons bring meanings. Countless meanings to be exact. Take a momma bird birthing and feeding its chicks in a nest. Does she even know that she has done a magnificent job? What’s more magical, does she even know why she feeds her chicks? She knows love exists but she could never know why because at one stage after nestling, she herself will permit her brood to be free to fly and discover the sky. So what makes a momma bird suddenly allows her fledglings to leave their nest? Just because they have developed most of their flight feathers, that doesn’t mean they could already fly and long life is guaranteed, no? Contrary to some other species, like ducks which march with their ducklings, swans pose with their cygnets and guinea fowls the oldest of the gallinaceous birds, cling to their keets. Does that mean they knew the meaning of love as they stayed together longer? Different lessons have we gotten here but one thing that is similar, we see the same meaning, that is, the love from a mother to its young one. Lessons can always contradict; but know that there’s nothing wrong with our very own deciphered lessons as long as we believe that it brings us meaning, to direct our path.

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Now here is where the transitions shall begin. That is, as soon as we could find the meaning- what we are going to do with it is always up to us. One step at a time in our very own pace and never to overhaul overnight instead, focus on one small change at a time because over time, those small changes will add up to big transitions. This is how Ramadan affected us. Why Ramadan in specific? Well because this is the only month of just us, and our Creator. Deep within, our soul longs for the courts of its Creator- that is just, our natural disposition.

These transitions are always an uphill climb, the seconds wont wait -for sure, but somehow that’s just the beauty of it; the slow spontaneity places every thought into action be it intentional or vice versa. That moving time per se has motivated us all along. Up to the mountain has the transition trailed us but there are times too, it drowned us, sink and sink down to the bottom of the sea. This shapes our mind to appreciate every beam of light that Allah allows us to witness, and to seek for its meaning.

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I mean, if we choose to ignore the momma bird, to go about our day disregarding their nest but instead, pay attention over distractions and busyness, we actually have opened ourselves to a wild kind of curiosity sometimes, did not even have an answer so what will happen to us? Will be be able to figure out our rhythm? We would tend to do life as it is and go with the flow, but eventually, know that, at one point, we WILL feel empty.

Ramadan indeed, is a month to descry our rhythm. With the right niah, with His guidance, we shall all attain a fresh air of hope, overwhelming indeed. That’s how the little things in life bring wonder.


Hasbunallah wa ni’mal wakeel, for He, is the savior of every heart.


Written by,

Nur Zaatul Ithri Muhd Nasarudin

5th Year Medical Student,

Zagazig University.

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