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[Article: How To Study Effectively For Examinations]


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             The changing of weather and cold breeze marks the start of a new year. Alhamdulillah, we’ve almost finished our first term of our academic session this year. So what’s next in line? Of course, the midyear examination! Believe it or not, the exam is creeping slowly at the corner waiting to punish any of us who slack off during this term. Afterwards, we will start to wonder what our preparations for the coming midyear examination are.

               Last minute studying, burning the midnight oil and cramming will be apparent during this time of the year. However, these ways may not be on your wish list due to its workload and less effectiveness.

               So how exactly do you study for the exams? Read on these precious tips for your food for thought.

  1.  Plan early and organize your study time.

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This may be the cliché thing to do, but it is very worth mentioning. You should always plan ahead a few weeks before the exams to get a head start on what to study. Make a plan consisting on what, when, and how you are going to revise the topics. Plan early so that you could finish revising all the chapters at least once before the examination date. Furthermore, try to create a flexible study timetable that suits you so that you could follow it every day.


  1. Study SMART, not study HARD

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We always tend to study hard and that is one common mistake we do as students. Studying hard is more draining in terms of time and energy whereas by studying smart you can learn more in less time. So how do you study smart? There are various techniques you can apply such as mind mapping, using flashcards and case studies. Additionally, you can use mnemonic to make memorizing facts like a piece of cake. These methods are guaranteed to make studying less stressful and easier.

  1. Form your study group

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Some of us prefer studying with a few friends to keep the studying zest flowing. Well, why not? Recent studies shows that studying in a group makes learning more interactive. Furthermore, it is also a field for us to widen our scope of study. More people means more chapters that we can cover. Organize a study group with a few friends and you will be surprised by how many facts that you might miss during your studies alone.


  1. Do lots of exercises and past year questions

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A trick to be more confident during an exam is to get used to the exam questions and format. Therefore, MCQ’s and past year questions are an integral part in your route to examination month. Plan your studies so that you get enough time just for practising MCQ exercises and past year questions. Try to finish revising all the topics first and start grinding on the MCQ exercises and past year questions!


  1. Lead a healthy lifestyle

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It’s a good idea to rethink your lifestyle habits during the exams. Most students go for fast food to fill their stomach hence may lead to bad stomach and diarrhea. Coupled with no exercise, our body and brain will undergo a rough patch which will affect our studies. To overcome this, eat healthy and self-cooked food. Cut on all the oily foods and add more vegetables in your meal. Other than that, exercise regularly at least twice a week. You will feel the difference instantly.

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Examination month may be stressful and tiring but with the right way, you could combat those problems. So what are you waiting for? Turn on your work engine and start studying to fulfill your ambition as a doctor! Wishing you all the very best success! Insya-Allah.



Shafiq Aiman bin Shahrin
4th year Medical Student
Zagazig University

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