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Wake up people, the new term has officially started a week and a half ago. Uncommonly heard among the medical students in this world, it is undeniably normal for us students in Egypt to get a late kick start. What would’ve been a catastrophe in any medical schools in Malaysia, is a yearly routine for the medical sciences students in Egypt. This practice is like an infectious chronic disease that infects almost everyone and takes a very long time to be cured.

For the first-years, well they’re easily forgiven for blooming late. This is due to the slow process of adapting to campus life, shifting from the spoon-fed customs in their high school years to the ever self-providing, and self-initiated ways of a university undergrad. However, this adaptation should not take forever; efforts should be made to fit in. A car that takes too long to ignite needs to be repaired or at least has its engine looked at! Dear freshmen, don’t be shy. There are hundreds of seniors to guide you to the correct, practical way of studying medicine.

Then there are the sophomores, third-years, and so on. Keep in mind that every new year is always harder than its predecessor. The syllabi are getting more and more super-packed and the practical sessions get more challenging. There should be no excuse for not attending lectures, let alone the compulsory practical sessions in the laboratories or hospitals. The professors would keep reminding you to revise every day, starting whenever you start learning in classes at the beginning of the year. Last minute studies wouldn’t help you score your papers (or perhaps it would now, but soon enough you’d find yourself deep in trouble when you get into the clinical years). The key to success in any academic fields is continuous effort all year round.

To those who passed the previous year, Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah! Keep up the good work and try to get better results this year.  For those who are not very lucky, don’t ever give up!  My dear, the whole world knows how tough a medical school can be. Believe it or not, in contrast to your beliefs, your fellow friends, seniors and juniors understand your situation and everyone is more than ready to support you morally, spiritually and academically if needed. There are of course the nastier species of the homo-sapiens who’d mock you. Just keep in mind that a successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him. Be strong and get yourself back up quickly, chin up, chest out and march steadily to the graduation ceremony insyaAllah.

The wakeup call has been ringing for more than a week now. Let’s all rise and begin throttling our brains. Let’s not let our textbooks collect dust on them. Start studying early. Early birds catch the worms! Revamp our attitude for the better, renew our nawaitu, and remodel our lives. Malaysia is waiting for us doctors and pharmacists to serve her. Don’t let her down with incompetence and late blooming chronic disease. Like it or not, doctors and pharmacists have to be sharp and fast at work as we are dealing with people’s lives. Wake up!!!

Author : Syamsuddin Bin Farouk

“Towards making academic as PCZ identity”

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